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Do you spend a lot of time interacting with social media?

Do you use Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Youtube? all are great Social Media Platforms...

But when I say do you use social media, I mean do you share pictures/videos/posts, do you comment on posts, do you chat with friends or internet friends and colleagues online. If so how do you earn or make any money from this? by doing just this, you can make money on FutureNet.

FutureNet divides its daily revenue it earns from advertising and pays a percentage to people who engage on the main platform. If you’re chatting to friends or posting pictures or videos, you will get paid. If you’re commenting on others’ posts or you "like" a post, you will get paid. It’s like Facebook, but FutureNet pay you.

Using the FutureNet chat is one of the best ways to earn money with the social media bonus.

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