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Since the late 1993 search engines have treated links as votes for popularity and importance in the ongoing opinion poll of the web - It is so very competative to get a top search engine ranking in every industry catagory. SEO covers many aspects and areas of your website of which one is Link building, 

Google and other search engines have made it very difficult to view their laws and criteria and this makes it extremely hard for people to understand link building. Link building requires a lot of patience and is a long term strategy so here are a few tips on Link Building 

1) What is Link building?  link building
Think of it this way, you own a shop which is down a little know alley in a major town or city and you have what everyone wants but no one knows you exist or where you are,! so how do I get people off the main road to pass by my shop window? very unlikely! Same goes with your new or existing website how do people know it exists? in the case of the Shop in the side alley maybe a advertising hboard on the main road if allowed pointing to where you are!!! in the case of a website a "LINK"

2) Common types of Links

Existing content - these are lnks from Blogs, articles etc

New Content - this is placing a comment within another website and linking the comment back to your website - if your comment is relevant to the original article and your site is also relevent then tgis is a link to have if your site is not relevent to the original post then it will not gain anything

Resources - websites that include a resources section of links that its viewers may find useful and you ask the owner of that website to include your link

Brand - if a website mentions you but does not link to you ask them to link to you. (see item 5 below)

Directory - there are numerous human created directories that people use and if you find a good industry related directory ask the webmaster to link you (see item 5 below)

3) Is it ok to have more than one link from the same site? 
Whilst it is important to obtain links from a large and even larger number of different websites regardless of the industry we are involved with. Ask yourself the question why are you link building? answer is to get traffic to your website so if another website has ten pages with different content and you are able to get a link from each of the ten pages and as a result you get traffic from each then the more the merrier s yes it is ok to have more than one link from the same website.

4) Are Links from non-relevant sites useful?
 link building2
Blogs and editorial from various websites can be the best type of links as they will be classed as earned links. I know Google and other search engines like to look for a reason another website will link to you but they no longer look at site relevance or the link source. they look at the whole content and context around the link. it is these earned links on off topic sites which your competitors may not have so will push you ahead of the competition. Mind you if the editorial Blog is about your website/organisation and is quality from a trusted source relevant or otherwise this cab give yore SERP ranking an almighty boost - What is a SERP? A Search EngineResults Page (SERP) is the page displayed by a search engine in response to a query by a searcher. The main component of the SERP is the listing of results that are returned by the search engine in response to a keyword query, although the page may also contain other results such as advertisements. Having said that there are two types of relevent links - a) Links from websites related to your niche or industry b)  Links from websites related to your geographical location

5) Will asking for a link to be added to another website penalise me with Google? 
Certainly not, we need links to be added to other websites in order to improve our SERP! so how else are we going to get them onto these website unless we ask other than by adding them via a form on directories etc Example your aware of editorial that is going to be written and published on the web so ask them to include your web address if they have not already asked you for it already. do not get involved with web rings and or pay for excessive traffic to your website unless it is an advert like with Google ads - or a site like FutureNet which will see people click on a site and have to stay on that site for 30 secs this ad to your SERP - someone click on your link and then leaving will be seen as your site was not relevant and whilst not detrimental will not add much to your SERP So ask for a link….

6) do i get penalised for getting too many links quickly? 
This is a myth - it does not matter how many links or how fast you obtain them, but it is more about the type, and quality of links you are obtaining - as long as you play by the rules and go to reputable SEO companies you will not get penalised.

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