Improve Your Networking Skills

Have you ever struggled to be consistent?!

You’re excited about your new business or your enthused after attending an event but once the excitement goes away, you find fears and distractions overwhelm you and you just can’t get started!

It frustrates you because you want it and you consider yourself serious…

But it’s hard to get a consistent routine going

and you know that your lack of consistency is the reason why you’re stuck.

Today I have 5 quick tips that’ll help you stay consistent.

1) Start Small

Don’t see what the leaders do and try to match their intensity.

It took years for them to get to that level of consistency.

Instead start small.

Small can be as simple as reaching out to just ONE person today.

Doing something is always better than nothing and it also makes you feel better.


2) Prospect At Specific Time Each Day

Everything that you do consistently already is done at a set time.

Think about that.

Whether it’s making breakfast…

Brushing your teeth…

Walking the dog…

If you exercise consistently…

All those activities are done at the SAME time each day.

Find a specific time each day to prospect. (It can be as short as 5 minutes. Refer to #1)


3) Treat It Like a Job

Once you have your set time, then treat it like a job and show up!

If you show up to make someone else rich, why would you not show up to build your own fortune?!


4) Use a Timer to Keep It Short

You probably don’t think you can prospect forever but if I gave you only 5 minutes, you’d do it.

Keep your prospecting time short (5 - 15 mins) and don’t go over.

You’ll find yourself more productive and HAVE WAY MORE FUN.

5) Have Someone Hold You Accountable


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