Tips for improving your broadband connection speed

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Tips for improving your broadband connection speed

1) Test Your Broadband Speed

Use a speed tester to measure the level at which your broadband connection is currently running, here are a few websites that you can test and check your broadband


2) Broadband Checker
4) BT Checker

5) Broadband Speed Test
6) Think Broadband
7) BT Wholesale Tester


2) Update or Change to a different Browser.

Browser updates are being made all the time to browsers, so using the latest version should always greatly reduce the time it takes to surf and download web pages.


Consider switching software altogether. For example, Internet Explorer you might get instant boost by switching to Firefox or Google Chrome.

3) Secure your network

If your using wireless broadband, the first and foremost thing you should do is secure your wireless network. You could be unwittingly sharing your connection with other unauthorised users then they will be using up valuable bandwidth. This means that the speed of your connection and download allowance could take a battering, not to mention the security threat this poses.


4) Use less bandwidth

Applications (such as Windows Updates or Skype) that may start running when you log in to your computer and these may slow your connection down without you even realising. Set these applications so they don't run automatically – this should reduce your bandwidth overhead and make a noticeable difference to your connection speed. Find out what’s running on a PC by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Delete to bring up your task manager.


5) Expand your wireless network

You could invest in a Zyxel wireless repeater. These improve your wireless range, bouncing the signal over a larger area.

You could also add a Zyxel powerline adapter. These use the wiring in your house to send a Wi-Fi signal around. Wherever you have a free plug socket, you'll be able to position a wireless hotspot. This is a significantly more expensive option, but is often much more effective.


6) Fit an iPlate/Broadband Accelorator

Try, fitting a Zyxel  iPlate (around £5) as an option. It is also known as a broadband accelerator, this connects to your phone socket and gets rid of a lot of the potential interference in there. In some cases an iPlate can boost broadband speed by 60 per cent – although there is no guarantee with this.


7) Stop using wireless

Wireless connections will always be slower than a wired one. After you set up a wireless network, you should expect a bit of a drop in speed – no problem for people with fast connections, but for others it may not be the best choice. Try connecting directly via ethernet cable if you can. You will find speeds better – and if you don't, it implies that the problem may be with your provider, not your equipment.


8) Contention

Check your contention ratio - the higher the ratio the more potential users at the exchange are likely to be using your exchange router.. so change the package your by upgrading to a lower contention ratio..


9). Traffic jams

The time of day at which you go online can greatly affect connection speeds. When lots of people are trying to access the internet at the same time there is increased traffic on the physical phone lines and also each website's servers. Heaviest traffic is usually in the evenings, so to benefit from the fastest speeds you should try to surf when internet traffic is low, generally in the day time or very late at night. If you have heavy downloading to do, you will get the fastest download speeds during off-peak periods.


10) Talk to Wellspotted!!!

If you are not getting what you expected from your current ISP, then give Wellspotted a call. if you've been on the same package for a long time – 12 months or more – your package might be outdated. Not only may faster options be available, you may be paying more than you need to.


It's up to you which of those is worse.

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