The iPhone is an unbelievable tool, but most people use their phone as a life-shortening distraction device!
Why not take the time to follow the steps and be more productive, more focused...

1) Turn Off All Notifications
2) Hide Social Media Slot Machines
3) Hide Messaging Slot Machines
4) Turn On Do Not Disturb
5) Wallpaper - Be Strategic
6) Turn off the Raise to Wake
7) Screen Time Widget
8) Organise your Apps and Folders alphabetically
9) Replace Apple Maps with Google Maps
10) Use Evernote for all note taking, to-do lists,everything
11) Put the Camera app in your Toolbar
12) Set up Medical ID
13) Change your phone’s name
14) Turn off Advertising Tracking
15) Turn on Control Centre 
16) Turn on Background App Refresh
17) Talk to Siri
18) Replacement text shortcuts
19) Set Your Address
20) Back up everything to iCloud