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building jerusalemThe development of the England Rugby Team uptoandthe winning of the World cumin 2003

Building Jerusalem brilliantly combines match action with extraordinary interviews with the key players including Jonny Wilkinson, Clive Woodward, Martin Johnson and Matt Dawson, with never-before-seen behind the scenes and match footage.

It is an amazing story of pressure, expectation and courage, tracing the roots of success back to the professionalisation of the game in the 90s, culminating in that glorious World Cup campaign of 2003.

The attention to detail was unbelievable - from training the eyes...to changing shirts at halftime!!! learning Afrikaans so they knew exactly what the Springbox were going to do

The stories are transferable from sport to sport and to business and every day life about this attention to detail and preparation and to quote Clive Woodward the England Coach 

‘Managing a rugby team is a lot like running a small business,’ says former England boss Sir Clive Woodward, just one example

An amazing fact about the then England set up was on his first day as England Coach was told did not have an office at the HQ becuase no-one has ever needed one!!!  


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