Podcasts - Self Development

Self Development is so important - we all need to develop a WILL to LEARN a NEW SKILL

you can buy the books - you can buy the CD's all of which are great value, but on line there is zillions of untapped resources.....

OK if you have not - DOWNLOAD - SPOTIFY

Spotify not only is great for music but also podcasts from the leaders in our Industry

here are a few of the ones I have been listening to

1) MLM NATION by Simon Chan
3) ERIC WORRE RADIO by Eric Worre
4) Relationship Marketing by Kody Bateman
5) Secret MLM Hacks by Steve Larson

For me the first two are the ones I have been listening to the most starting at the first - i am half way through the Simon Chans Podcasts and a few into Bob Heiligs

Seriously if you want to get on in this business we have to commit to self development
we also have to commit to listening to the webinars also we have to commit to attending the events and local meetings


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