Organise Apps and Folders Alphabetically | Wellspotted

There are a number of ways to organise your apps:

by function,
by colour,
by random chance,
by alphabetically.

Try to organise your screens by function, and plus also organise apps into folders by function.

I believe the home screen is for tools only.
The second screen is apps organized into folders.
The third or fourth screen is for misc Apps, namely Apple apps you aren’t allowed to remove.

However, you will have to make additional decisions on each screen and within each folder when organizing. I suggest choose alphabetically.

• Home screen, organize all of your apps by name, with numbers (like 1Password) coming before letters.

• In your folders, organise the apps hidden behind the first screen alphabetically as well.

• On your second screen, organize your folders alphabetically.

• I’m going to leave it mostly up to you on how to organize apps beyond the Hrst screen. Probably, they should mostly be inside folders.

• On the latest iOS, you can actually uninstall all the Apple apps except for Wallet, Safari, Find iPhone, and App Store. Put all these Apple apps into a folder on my third screen.  We’ve barely scratched the surface of why this home page looks the way it does.

The phrase “your phone is a tool, not your boss” is implying that you’re the boss. But it’s more subtle than that.

Set your phone up so that you are the boss.


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