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Linked in Endoresments

One of LinkedIn and fantastic ways of cultivating a relationship with your contacts is that every day you will receive a note that somebody has a work anniversary, birthday, or second or third year working for this company or they have just started a new position a business or move to another company.

or you can endorse them for their work and likewise they can endorse you

Endorsing Connections Script

send them a Vpice message from your mobile Ap

First name,

I have just endorsed you for some skills. This hopefully will boost your profile for others to view on LinkedIn. Hopefully it will help some.

I would love to connect and have a Phone/Zoom conversation to find out more about what's going on for you in your business/work.

I believe it's really worthwhile to communicate with other people. If you're open to it.

Your Name

Your Website

Your Phone Number


These scripts are just an example, alter to suit your personality and style

Hope this has been of help – I shall send some more tips and advice about LinkedIn, FaceBook, Google, FutureNet Twitter and the rest of the social media sphere

Oh and if you have found this topic useful then give me an endorsement on LinkedIn  smiles


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