Turn on Control Centre

Swipe up from the bottom of your screen - this will access your Control Center which contains toggles for WIFI, bluetooth, flashlight and more.

Apple wants to give you the option to turn this off when you are inside of a another app.

Always have access to the control centre is so that you can toggle WIFI on and off. 

• Go to Settings > Control Center. Enable Access Within Apps.

• Also to Customise Controls. Add some more options. Place alarm and timer here maybe?.

How many times have you wondered why an app was slow and then realised the culprit was either the WIFI or your cell signal. Get the best internet speeds by taking direct control of switching between WIFI and cell service. One of those is much stronger than the other.

Using your phone as a tool,  fast internet is a direct link to better productivity. A major reason to have access to the Control Center.


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