Hide messaging slot machines

This is the same strategy as the previous article on Hide Social Media Slot Machines, but this is just for messaging apps. Messaging apps also have a built-in variable rate reward — that’s what makes them slot machines.

• Move your mail apps, Messages, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger into a folder on your second screen. You decide when you check these. So now you can live a life without interruptions!!!

• I have called this folder Messages. The default iPhone folder name suggestion is "Productivity"!!! Should be "Less Activity" smiles.

• Follow the same idea from Hide Social Media Slot Machines, hide all but one of the apps on the second screen of the folder.

   I check these in my own time and have all notifications turned completely off..

The secret here for inbox management is for you to decide when you want to check YOUR messages. Then, process them all in one go. This now puts you in control. I believe most people live their lives reactively, constantly checking their inboxes for messages to react to - I know this was me... So to reach yours and my full potential, we need to switch to a batch processing mindset for all of your inboxes, maybe example 10am and 4pm... But you decide your in control

These messaging apps should never interrupt you.  So block off your day so that you have some  time dedicated to being smart and creative (no interruptions) and then other blocks dedicated to rapid task processing (email, texts etc.). 

Those who set a schedule for when and where they check their inboxes often realise they can do all of their emailing, texts and WhatsAp from their Laptop or Desk Top Computer, it now means that you don’t need immediate alerts!!!

Let the iPhone work for you, you are its Boss! do not let the iPhone be your Boss.... take back control


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