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(well almost all)
Go app by app, turning off all notifications
For all delivery apps, leave notifications on!

These notifications are supposed to only come when you want them to, i.e. if you’re standing on the corner trying to get a Uber Taxi. 

If you get very few text messages, turn off badging on your Messages app but leave banners on. Since you’re setting your phone up to have very few notifications, you’ll actually end up seeing most of your text messages on your home screen as they come in (previously, they were probably swamped by other notifications). Then, the unread badge for messages is just overkill to create anxiety about messages you already saw. If you get lots of text messages, then turn off all notifications and treat text messages like an inbox that you only check at set intervals. 
DO NOT allow badges!
Leave notifications on for your calendar app. 
Not missing appointments is basically the entire point of your mobile phone.
Leave notifications on for Maps and Google Maps. These apps only notify you when you’re actively getting directions.
Leave notifications on for phone calls. Although, consider turning them off and updating your voicemail to say that phone calls are a dead medium.

My voicemail says: “Sorry I missed your call. Please do not leave a voice message, please text me or WhatsAp me” 

For all the notifications that you left on, go back and make sure badges are turned off. Badges are the red dots with numbers in them that give you anxiety that there’s something important going on in that app... 
The iPhone is an unbelievable tool, but most people use their phone as a life-shortening distraction device!
Why not take the time to follow the steps and be more productive, more focused...

You should be very wary of notifications...

1) Notifications are interruptions. Notifications prevent you progressing and gives you no control. You should be in control of what you do and when — Your mobile phone should not be controlling you.

Your phone is a tool, not your boss!!!

2) Learning requires sustained focus to trigger growth and development. The problem is if you go around interrupting that process, whatever you were learning - you will never learn. Essentially, notifications lead to a stunted life.

3) Oh my those little red dots does cause one a lot of anxiety, anxiety causes health problems like heart disease. Mild anxiety has been shown to increase mortality by 20% over a ten year period...



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