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One of LinkedIn many fantastic ways of cultivating a relationship with your contacts is that every day you will receive a note that somebody has a birthday,.

From the Notifications area, you will get notified whenever your connections have a birthday. 

BUT PLEASE DO NOT JUST SELECT AND CLICK on the default - "Happy Birthday" as thats an easy cop out

So I send them one of Three types of  happy birthday messages

The first one is a voice message - amazing how everyone responds to a personal voice message

Hiya [name]
just wanting to wish you a happy birthday
have a great day
and party hard!!!

take care now

the second message option is with a link to my free gift”.

This gift could be an E-Book you have written or tips and advice. It is  important that this gift can only be downloaded by visiting your website.

This gives you something free of value to share with them in each message, which they might find useful

A Birthdays Script

Happy Birthday [NAME]

Hope you have a great day!  and party hard - I love birthdays and I love celebrating!dont you?

So as a small way to celebrate your birthday, I would like to give you this special gift – [say the name of your gift].

You can download your copy here: [insert the link to your  gift]

Celebrate Your Day and party hard...

Your Name

Your Website

Your Phone Number

ok you do not have to use my words verbatum but choose something you feel comfortable saying or writing

The Third Option

send a personalised video message!!!! using one of the two scripts above

ok if you do not like the words in my scriptys change them to suit your style....

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