Evernote for all note taking, to-do lists, plus everything else

I first came across Evernote when reading "The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

Obviously if you use your note taking app and to-do list app, then stick with those. 

However, if you use or do not use a note taking app or to-do list app, or are unhappy with what you do use, lthen take a look at Evernote its free but you can upgrade for a small fee

Put your to-do list in Evernote
Create one long note that you edit every day or a new note for each day.
Place all your other notes in Evernote too. Don’t bother particularly with categorisation. Trust that you will be able to find whatever you want later through Evernote’s search facility

Mix in quick drafts and longer notes. 

• Install the Evernote app on your home screen.

Starting with free and then upgrading ($60/year) gives you character recognition so you can scan business cars and or other documents....


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