How To Get the Best out of Siri
  1. Hey Siri
  2. Use Siri For Location Based Reminders

    Example: Siri remind me when I get home to call Rod about Energy Bill.

    Example: Siri remind me when I am at  Sukiy Cafe to tell him Mobile Contracts

  3. Communication Reminders

    Example: Siri remind me the next time I message David to tell him about ID theft

  4. Current Location

    Example: Siri where am I?

  5. Foreign Language Translation

    Example: Hey, Siri how do you say “where is the bathroom” in Polish?  

  6. Measurement Conversion

    Example: How many Litres are in a gallon?

  7. Basic Math

    Example: What is 3% of £58?

  8. Locate Family Member

    Example: Where is Ewa? 

  9. Emergency Services

    Example: Call 911 ON SPEAKER

  10. Siri - what can I help you withGet the Latest Headlines

    Example: Give me the news

  11. Make Siri Mobile Phone Your Personal Interpreter

    Example: The assistant can translate words and phrases into Polish French, German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

  12. Make Siri Your Sports Companion 

    Example: Siri give me kickoff time for Next Aston Villa Football Game and the TV schedule. As you get closer to the big game, you'll be able to pepper Siri with questions about the players and team If you've got an Apple TV with built-in Siri, you can ask the assistant to tune into the game for you if it is live

  13. Where Did I Park My Car?

    Ever since iOS 10, your iPhone can remember where you parked your car by recording exactly when and where your phone disconnected from your car's Bluetooth system. Now you can just ask Siri Where did I leave my car? and you'll get an answer in map form.

  14. Send a Message Via a Third-Party Mobile App

    iOS 10 added the ability to have the virtual assistant send messages via third-party apps like, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp, and that feature continues in iOS 11. Just say  Siri, send George a message via WhatsAp.

    Tell Siri what you want the message to say, confirm it, and off it goes. (Shortcut this by saying, "Tell Sunny via WhatsAp that zoom call on Saturday sounds good.")

  15. Take a Selfie!

    The next time you want to take a selfie. Example: Siri take a selfie" your iPhone will jump to the front-facing lens mode in the camera app.

  16. Locate specific Photos

    Finding photos of a specific item or from a certain event can be so annoying,  

    Example: Just say show me my Horse Racing photos from earlier this year, Siri will then open up Photos with the relevant pictures displayed. 

  17. Start a Fitness Workout

    Start workout routines in certain apps with the virtual assistant.

    Example: Siri, start my workout in Pedometer or I want to work out in Seven
    Siri will launch the app and, generally, kick off any workout function.

  18. Make Calls Via VoIP App

    Another long-running feature with the capability to third-party Voice over IP (VoIP) apps,

    Example: "Call Mike via Office UC" to launch the appropriate app and initiate a call

  19. Pronounce a Name Correctly

    Example: Just tell Siri to learn how to pronounce John Whittaker 

    it will ask you how to pronounce both the first name and last name, providing multiple options in each case.

  20. Define Relationships

    Siri understands the names of your contacts by default.  However it can get relationships too.

    Example: Tell Siri "Ewa is my Girlfriend" or "Keith is my Cousin" and you'll then be able to refer to them simply by that moniker, saying text my Girlfriend or call my cousin Keith.

  21. Open or Close or adust settings

    Scrolling through the Settings app to find one particular thing can be a pain, but Siri can simplify things.
    Example:  Tell Siri Open Accessibility settings It will take you to that specific section.

    Example: You can also tell it to turn certain features on or off by saying turn on Bluetooth or turn off Wi-Fi.

  22. Search the App Store

    There are a zillions apps on the App Store, and the number is only growing daily. Save time by typing what you're looking for.

    Example find me the best calculator app or download the Twitter app

    Siri will launch the App Store and will find it for you

  23. 6a0120a5580826970c0240a472445e200cWhich Plane is Flying Overhead?

    Wondered what plane that is up there in the sky? Ask Siri

    Example: what flights are overhead 

    Siri will query the Wolfram Alpha service for a list of current plane flights visible from your position, including current altitude, angle, type of plane and even a sky map.

  24. Find Correct Spelling

    You cannot quite remember whether or not BOURNEMOUTH has one "e" or zero?

    Example: Ask Siri how do you spell BOURNEMOUTH? you will not only provide a definition, but will even spell the word out loud for you!!!

  25. Hold All Calls

    Have a really important meeting?  tell Siri not to bother you by
    Example:  Hold my calls. 

    Siri will turn on the Do Not Disturb mode to ensure that a ringing phone won't interrupt you in the middle of a Zoom Call

  26. Identify that Song

    I happens to me all the time!!! a song on the radio, or a song being played in the coffee shop, and you have forgotten the song title. Siri has a built-in support for Shazam, which means it can answer that question for you.

    Example: What song is this? or Who sings this? 

    Siri will answer answer. If the song is also available through iTunes, Siri will throw in a buy link!!!

  27. Read or send your Twitter Tweets

    Example: Ask  show me tweets from Birmingham Mayor Andrew Street 

    Siri will  give you a rundown of that person's latest posts,

    Example tell Siri to Post I'm having tacos for lunch to Twitter  to do your own sharing.

  28. Find out about a movie

    Want to watch a movie,
    Example: What movies are playing?

    You will get times and nearby locations as well as ratings.

    Example: Show me the ratings for the movie Steve Jobs. 

    Example: Show me the trailer for the movie Steve Jobs.

  29. Create a Calender Event

    Creating an appointment is much faster than doing it manually.

    Example: say, Schedule dentist on Tuesday at 2 p.m.

    Example: edit that appointment by saying, Change the time of my Tuesday appointment at 2 p.m.

    Siri will then ask the new time and date!!!

  30. Reminder Texts

    Creating reminders with Siri is Easy.

    Example:  Remind me tomorrow at 10 a.m. to call my Energy company

    Example: With the Proactive feature, you can ask Siri to remind you of what you're looking at on the screen.

    Example: If you receive a text message but can't immediately reply, you can say, Remind me to reply to this when I get home.
  31. Create an Alarm

    Example: Set an alarm by saying Wake me up tomorrow at 7:30 a.m or,

    Example: taking a nap, Wake me up in an hour.

    Example: Change an alarm,  Turn off my 6:30 alarm or Change my 6:30 alarm to 7:00. 

    Example: Set a timer, say, Set the timer for a half hour. 


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