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Most of us should have their iPhone permanently on "Do Not Disturb".

This Feature "Do Not Disturb" is not as severe as you might think, thanks to a sub- feature to “Allow Calls From Favourites.” This means you can still allow certain people to interrupt you or wake you up!!!

The trick to getting the Do Not Disturb feature to work all day is to turn it on from the same time to the same time, such as from 9am to 9am. I tested it and that works (I was worried it would eBectively turn itself on and oB again in the same minute).

If, however, you do want strangers to be able to contact you (for example, if you work in sales), then just set Do Not Disturb for your sleep and leisure time.

• Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb

• Schedule for all of your private time, say 6pm to 9am, or preferably, all day by setting from 9am to 9am.

• Allow calls from your favourites. Now your Favourites list actually takes on more meaning: this is your whitelist of people who you would allow to interrupt you.

• There’s a Repeated Calls option to allow repeat callers to get through. Do not select this. We absolutely do not want to train telemarketers to think this will work.

 You might want to double check who is on your favourites — I added my accountant and Solicitor in order to make sure those calls always came through.

Become the Boss of your iPhone do not let the iPhone Boss you

The justiHcation here is similar to the steps above. Limited interruptions is smart for a number of reasons, including the science of brain plasticity, the health impact of anxiety, and the productivity gains of optimizing for deep work (all covered in more depth in Appendix A below).

What the above Do Not Disturb setting allows you to do is to take a ‘whitelist’ strategy to interruptions. So rather than banning

https://betterhumans.coach.me/how-to-set-up-your-iphone-for-productivity-focus-and-your-own-longevity-bb27a68cc3d8 Page 18 of 128

How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You 07/12/2018, 20)33

telemarketers one-by-one (‘blacklisting’), you pre-select the very limited number of people who you would allow to interrupt your day. For me, that’s my immediate family, my dog walker, and my dog’s vet.


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